Why Home Made Deodorant?

Over the counter deodorant and antiperspirants provide a synthetic fragrance and are loaded with toxic ingredients, such as aluminum compounds, which have been linked to Alzheimer’s disease, brain disorders, respiratory disorders, and possibly cancer.

Aluminum compounds or aluminum salts, such as aluminum oxide (Al2O3), are the key ingredients in almost every antiperspirant. They are powerful astringents that close pores, stopping sweat and odor from escaping the body. This may leave the outside of the body smelling fresh and clean – but inside, the toxins that would have escaped the body in the sweat have nowhere to go. For this reason, antiperspirants have been linked to problems with the sweat glands and lymph glands in and around the underarms. Also, antiperspirants are designed to be absorbed. The aluminum and other chemicals are taken into the body and affect the endocrine and lymphatic systems, as well as being a potential risk factor in breast cancer. Some suggest the use of aluminum-free products, but even most deodorant, labeled “aluminum-free”, still contain parabens and other harsh and toxic substances, such as DEA and propylene glycol.

The manufactures would have you believe that all the ingredients have their purpose, but at what price? Propylene glycol, helps the deodorant go on smoothly, but is linked to irritation and immune toxicity. Phthalates are plastics used to help the fragrance stay on the skin, but block endocrine function. Parabens, are used as preservatives and can be linked to breast cancer. Most deodorants contain aluminum zirconium, which is toxic to the nervous and reproductive systems, and a chemical called BHT, which is believed to be a hormonal disrupter and neurotoxin. Even some “natural” deodorant crystals still contain aluminum.

If you are not convinced that reading the labels of deodorant is good enough, consider making your own deodorant.

This deodorant uses Cornstarch as a natural absorber, while the Baking Soda works as natural deodorizer. Tea Tree is a natural anti-bacteria/fungal oil and will help with the “stink”. Of course, you are what you eat, so consider eating fresh fruits and vegetables, and drinking plenty of water to help with body odor. Many other essential oils can be used, as well. The coconut oil is used to “hold” the deodorant together, and consists of medium chain fatty acid esters, which is the closest substance to human sub-cutaneous fat and therefore more compatible with skin than vegetable oils.

Home Made Deodorant Recipe

1/4 cup baking soda
1/4 cup cornstarch
10+ drops Tea tree oil
2+ TBSP Coconut oil


1. Put baking soda and cornstarch in a bowl with tea tree oil. You can even use up to 20 drops of tea tree oil, if you like it. Lavender oil will work as well.

2. Stir enough Coconut oil in until it’s a consistency you like.

3. Smash into empty deodorant container. It will be a bit sturdier once it sets a day or so.


  • ~When applying this deodorant, use a lighter hand than you would with normal stick deodorant, especially the first couple of days or it’ll drop little balls on your bathroom rug.

  • ~Used correctly, this stuff is invisible and lasts for ages, as it works with a very light layer. You should not be able to SEE it once applied.

  • ~If you don’t want a stick, exclude the Coconut oil and use the deodorant as a powder.

  • ~If you have especially sensitive skin, increase the amount of cornstarch to 6T and decrease the baking soda to 2T.

  • ~Be sure to store in a cool place. Coconut oil can possibly melt at 76 degrees.

Author: Kammie