Body Cleansing

I have been asked many times what I do for a Total Body Cleanse.

The following are ways to cleanse the body that I personally use and I know work:

I am partial to the Liver cleanse that uses essential oils. It is very mild. But there are several out there. Here is the link for Liver cleanse information.

For a total body cleanse. Natural Factors 7 day Total Nutritional Cleanse Program RevitalX and Detoxitech is a good one. I have used it myself with great results. This is the 7 day cleanse that cleared my daughters worts out by day 3.

For a Colon cleanse, I like Dr. Christophers Colon Cleanse. I know if you do a google search on any Dr. Christopher product, you can find some good pricing. I also have used this with great has good pricing on Colon Cleanses.

Taking a hot bath, while using essential oils, will continue to eliminate toxins from your system through the epidermis(skin). For Essential oil bath recipes, click here.

The Herbal Vitamin and Mineral Formula will give your body the nutrients it needs. Georgetown University Medical Center conducted a study, and found that most store bought vegetables lack vitamins and minerals. This is because farmers are not rotating their crops and are pumping the ground full of nitrates, to create a nice looking plant on the outside, but no nutrients on the inside. The Herbal Vitamin and Mineral formula is made up of five different organic herbs that have many of the nutrients your body needs. It will give you energy and take away the desire to “snack” between meals. The herbs, from this drink, are assimilated on a cellular level, in contrast, a multi-vitamin pill can go right through your system, providing little nutrient value.

Remember your water intake!! You should be drinking at least half your body weight in ounces. (ie: if you weigh 150 pounds, then you should drink 75 ounces of water) Unfortunately water that has been treated (Like water from the tap or even water that’s been bottled) has had a molecule breakdown. Water filtration processes used to clean our water supply frequently de-structures the water. By drinking structured water or adding a plant base to your water, your body will be able to become more hydrated.

Well, there are many cleansing choices to get started with. I suggest the following program, for a thorough cleanse;
  1. Follow that with the Mucusless Diet
  2. While you are eating well, with the Mucusless diet, take the Liver Cleanse each morning.
  3. Drink 1-2 cups of the “Herbal Vitamin and Mineral Formula” each day to give your body the nutrients it needs.
  4. Drink plenty of water…half your body weight in ounces each day. Add a drop of Lemon or peppermint Essential oil to create cell communication for better hydration.
  5. After following the above steps, continue to eat well, and then you may begin a healing program.

Cleansing the body and eating a well balanced diet will keep the body healthy.

Author: Kammie